Fountain Marketplace is calling for Essays from solutions oriented individuals across all age groups. The Competition is open to ONLY our (Silver or Gold) subscribers who have a deep connection with the African continent and are passionate about its development. Subscribe with your opportunities platform of choice today and stand a chance to win cool prices. 


In seeking to promote home grown solutions to the continent’s challenges, Fountain Marketplace is calling for entries to the solutions design challenge essay. All willing Fountain Marketplace subscribers are welcome to submit (well thought out) essay articles on the following thematic areas:

Africa is an economic powerhouse. Issues however such as poor access to information, low internet penetration among others often restrict trade amongst African countries (and individuals) and the world at large. Examine/analyze and defend a solution you would propose that promotes better trade in African goods and services. Proposed solution could be aimed at better Africa-Africa trade or African trade with the rest of the world. 

Many African companies often struggle with inefficiencies when conducting their businesses, what (one) solution would you develop for African businesses (a sector of your choice), the proposed solution should greatly reduce their operational costs and ultimately their profitability.

Describe a (feasible) solution or steps you would take to ensure that the rural populations of Africa have (low cost) access to information.

Against a background of tough social backgrounds and present harsh economic conditions, what strategies would you put in place to ensure that the youth entrepreneurs in your country succeed and excel, and contribute to the development of their countries? 

It has often been argued in some circles that traditional donor aid coming into Africa (supporting areas such as nutrition, health agriculture sectors etc) has not resulted in meaningful, sustainable and long term development for the continent. If you were a donor or NGO implementing a donor funded project, design and outline a Youth focused project that you would undertake to bring about real and meaningful change for the continent. 

Prizes up for grabs. 

  • The winner will get 100 USD prize money.  
  • The first runner up will get 50 USD prize money.
  • The second runner up will get 25 USD prize money. 
  • Ten best essays by the youth (below 35 years) will be featured on the Fountain Marketplace website and the writers will be given support to further and implement their ideas/solutions.

Rules and requirements

Participants are invited to submit their innovative solutions through a 2 page essay format – the ideas or proposals should be those that can potentially have positive societal impact currently, or those that will transform the African continent currently and in future. 

The essays will be reviewed based on the following criteria: 

1) Content and relevance in terms of Africa’s development; 

2) Innovation and creativity; 

3) Potential for implementing the idea on a large scale using Africa’s own resources.

Entry dates, deadlines and announcement of winners

This contest opens on 14 April 2020 and closes at midnight on 30 June 2020. Essays must be received by 11:59AM GMT on 30 June 2020. Winners will be posted on the Fountain Marketplace website. 


Contestants must be any of our registered silver or gold subscribers regardless of gender, nationality, ethnicity or any other aspect. The only condition is that applicants should have a deep connection with the continent and understand its context. Only one essay per contestant will be accepted.

All youths (between the ages of 15 and 35) and especially girls, women and people living with disabilities are strongly encouraged to participate. 

Essay instructions 
Type the essay on A4 paper size, double spaced, Roman Times 12. 2 cm margins, Exactly 2 pages, 3 pages maximum. Handwritten essays are not acceptable. 
Please include your name, Age, Nationality and Essay Topic on the essay. Also affirm your registration. Images are strictly forbidden in the final essay document to be submitted. Failure to observe any of these instructions will result in an automatic disqualification. 

LANGUAGE: Essays MUST be written in English.

RIGHT OF PUBLICATION: All essay submissions will become the property of Fountain Marketplace. Announcement of winners’ names, photographs and essay content will appear on the Fountain Marketplace website and in other print and/or electronic media – at the sole discretion of Fountain Marketplace.

Submitted essays will be thoroughly checked for plagiarism. Automatic disqualifications will result for all plagiarised essays. In submitting their essays, writers declare that the work submitted in the contest is their own original work and will grant permission for their essay to be published at the Marketplace.

 JUDGING PANEL: The judging panel is comprised of Fountain Marketplace management and key African leaders on the continent. The panel will review the essays and will select a total of ten (10) finalists. In addition, the best essays will be featured on Fountain Solutions website and other platforms. The decisions on the final prizes by Fountain Marketplace will be final and un-contestable.
Due to the anticipated volume of submissions for this opportunity, we have created an alternative email for you to submit your applications to. Submit your applications to . Contact us on our normal site channels should you experience any challenges.