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Posted 2 weeks ago

Empatica is a digital healthcare company specializing in setting up AI systems to track individuals’ health. For more than 5 years, the company has been producing beautifully designed wearables, software platforms as well as tools, and also advanced algorithms, unlocking better health outcomes for thousands of people.

We are looking for an Android Developer who seeks a fast-paced growth environment and to undertake meaningful work which can transform people’s lives.

The role

We design and make sensors to better understand human behavior in real time and in real life, having the focus on chronic neurological diseases. Empatica has made available the foremost beautifully designed, affordable and medical-grade wearable that makes use of advanced machine learning analytics to identify and alert seizures in real-time with Embrace for people living with Epilepsy. Embrace is connected to the wearer’s mobile device with a Bluetooth Low Energy connection. Our Alert App then sends a notification to designated caregivers when a seizure has been identified, indicating the GPS location to expedite assistance.

we give our clients a chance to work with us in developing customized apps by making use of our mobile SDK and have access to raw data through our web portal.

How you will contribute.

  • You will be a thought partner and contributor to the Android mobile team and learn from our senior staff.
  • You are a highly productive programmer with great product sense who is confident to actively participate in product decisions.
  • You are able to learn, adapt and are comfortable with a dynamic technological environment and enhance our product in order to create the best possible user experience.
  • You will write clean, efficient, well-tested code of high quality.
  • You love building products that positively impact the lives of many of our customers daily and help save lives.

 The ideal candidate for this role:

  • Accepts and appreciates the challenges of working with a technology that can impact (and potentially save) the lives of people.
  • Will have experience with native Android application development and Java/Kotlin.
  • Is an adept in compiling modular, easy to understand code that follows good design practices.
  • Has expertise in collaborating on software projects.
  • Has solid knowledge of software development, especially in an agile environment.
  • Is experienced in developing, releasing, and maintaining native Android applications (you will need to point us to your work in the Google Play Store).
  • Is excited about great UX and focuses on firm, user-centered and responsive development.
  • Is experienced in developing testing suites, namely Appium, for Android applications.


You are a perfect match if you are:

  • Are able to quickly grasp concepts
  • You are fun and easy to work with
  • You are a hard-worker and a team player.
  • A person of action, and have an excellent execution mindset
  • Proficient in English (mother tongue is highly appreciated)
  • An outstanding planner, with great time management and multitasking skills
  • Focused on quality and excellence
  • Flexible in terms of working time
  • A problem-solving individual who can take on any big or small project
  • Passionate about our products and our mission

Life at Empatica

If successful, you will join a fast-growing, diverse team of more than 70 professionals, who care passionately about what we do and the difference we are making across the globe. You’ll get the opportunity to work hand in hand with engineers, data scientists, and designers, across all levels of the organization.

We firmly believe in a work environment fostering autonomy, mastery, and purpose. We also believe in flexibility, so you will have the opportunity to work remotely in this position.

All that is required of you is to prove that you have skills and that you are a team player. Once you join our team, you will have full control of your schedule and can decide when you will work from the comfort of your home or when you’ll prefer to mingle with your awesome team members in the office. It does not matter which part of the world you are in, what is important is for you to ready to take on the challenges of an agile full-stack company.

View more details and apply.