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Posted 2 weeks ago

Are you passionate about making a huge impression as a pioneer team member of a rapidly-growing, newly-funded startup business?

Do you classify yourself as an individual who successfully takes on challenges and does whatever it takes to diagnose problems?

Do you want to sharpen your skills across business development, marketing and product and learn from a global leading team?

If this is you, we have just the perfect offer for you.

What we are setting up:

Advisable’s vision is to unravel the potential of the world’s top specialist talent.

For companies, this means making finding & hiring a top freelancer with any skill imaginable as easy as booking an Uber. We provide instant recommendations of talent based on complex client queries across hundreds of specialist skills – backed by a no questions asked money-back guarantee.

For top talent, we provide the tools, community, recognition, and opportunities they need to thrive as freelancers.

We’ve made tonnes of progress towards this goal and have been growing fast, doing 7 figures in bookings since launch. Our clients include companies like Stack Overflow, Zappos and SAP, and a number of freelancers have earned over $100,000 from their work on Advisable. Clients love our service with an average freelancer rating of 9.33/10.

However, we’re just getting started and we recently raised $3m in additional funding from Frontline Ventures, FJ Labs and some of Europe’s leading angels, including the founders of Supercell and Pipedrive.

Who you are:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit: you’re an entrepreneur at heart and are passionate about building new things and defying convention.
  • Fast learner: you’re able to quickly pick up disparate skills and apply them to solve problems.
  • First-principles problem-solving attitude: while there are proxies for various elements of what we’re doing, much of it hasn’t been done before. You’ll need to be able to think for yourself.
  • Testing mentality: you like to relentlessly test things and you don’t get demotivated when things don’t work out. Instead, you want to try again. And again. And again.
  • Striving mindset: when things DO work out, you’re never happy with where you are. You always want to improve things.
  • Strategic mindset: you’re able to understand and action high-level strategies.
  • Project management: you’re able to manage projects with many inputs. Hands-on approach: you’re enthusiastic about getting your hands dirty.
  • Independence: you don’t need to be heavily supervised to get things done.

What you’ll be doing:

You’ll be working on a variety of different areas potentially including:

  • Being the first point of contact for potential clients, both over email and phone. As the first point of contact, you’ll be responsible for helping our clients to figure out what marketing strategies they should be executing and what freelancers they should work with to execute these strategies.
  • Maintaining Advisable’s relationship with our pool of world-class marketing freelancers – you will be our freelancers’ main point of contact within Advisable which will provide you with an amazing opportunity to learn and improve your business/marketing mindset.
  • We’re building an online community for our freelancers – you will be responsible for helping to launch and to maintain this community. This will involve attracting top freelancers to join, vetting new members, hosting online events and much more. While doing this, you’ll be speaking to and getting to know some of the world’s best and most influential marketing minds, who have helped to scale companies like Google, Airbnb and Twitter during their formative years.
  • Devising and executing marketing/customer acquisition strategies for us to test. We take a very unique approach to marketing/customer acquisition and as you learn from our team, you’ll get to develop your own marketing/customer acquisition strategies and work closely with the Growth team to execute these strategies.
  • Using your learnings in your role to help drive product strategy within Advisable.

You should apply if:

  • You believe in constantly striving: we’re constantly working to be better and improving every element of what we do.
  • You want to build something with impact: you want what you build to have a significant impact on real people.
  • You want to work with an A+ team: our team has scaled startups that have sold to Google, built beautiful products across a range of industries, managed leading accelerators, and also worked in the traditional consultancy world.
  • You value autonomy & responsibility: while working effectively with the team is key, we want people we can trust to be responsible for their own work.
  • You want to work remotely: our team is based in Ireland and Germany but is a remote-first company.
  • You’re passionate about learning: learning is essential to what we do so we offer a €50/month book allowance.
  • You want to help shape our culture: we’re still a small team so every hire will help shape our culture and company as we grow.

View more details and apply.